Update on Progress: Switching Gears to Research

First off I would like to say that I have not had much time to spend working on my projects due to the number of tests and papers that I have had to complete in the past week. However, that is all behind me now and I can start moving forward once again!

I have been attempting to recreate some of my code in this past week, and because of that, I have not actually made much progress with my project. What has happened, however, is that I have begun to understand a bit more about Unity.

As I mentioned in my last post I was having a lot of trouble trying to get cards to “snap” to a location on the gameboard, and that problem still persists to this day. Snapping is name I have given to the action of a card being placed on the gameboard to one of the 9 possible locations. Though I believed to understand how this process would work, I was completely mistaken. Therefore, before I do anything else this week I will be revisiting the books to understand more about Unity, so I can move forward in a more efficient manner rather than continue to make rookie mistakes.

In order to learn more I will be doing some reading from PDF’s that I have received from Packt Publishing. Some months back, there was a deal based on Unity that gave me some awesome titles that have helped tremendously in this attempt to create a game in unity. These titles can be found on Packt’s website and the specific ones I am using are: Unity 5.X Cookbook, and Unity 5.X by Example.

With these resources, as well as looking to online I will be attempting to understand the following aspects of Unity:

  • How to effectively use scripting to make multiple instances of the same objects behave differently
  • How Pre-Fabs work
  • How to use and change variables from one script in another script
  • How objects interact with the game world
  • How to effectively structure scripts and allow them to interact
  • General good practices when using the Unity system

I cannot keep getting held back like this on smaller issues. In order to complete this project in a timely manner, I need to spend some time exploring resources to increase my knowledge base as much as possible. Basically everything about this project is burning around me, and I need to find some way to put it out.


Until next time!


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