Project Ironcircle Demo

As I mentioned in my previous post, I will be uploading the demo of Project Ironcircle so you all can see what I have worked on in the past.

I would like to give some awesome credit the KhasArcthunder and his Sapphire Action System IV, that I make use of in this demo, as well as a few of his maps. I do not plan on making money off of this game as it is a personal project just to learn the RPG Maker VX Ace system. If you would like to see more of Khas Archthunder’s work then follow his blog. I also want to give thanks to Galv, and Yanfly for their amazing scripts!

About my demo, it is a bit crazy at times, and the dialogue is to DIE for, no really its pretty bad. But I feel that the combined work of the above-mentioned people and some small story elements from me have made this small demo both playable and enjoyable. However, I still do not understand how to make AI better, so I apologize in advance for that. You’ll understand what I mean when you load up the game.

Download the demo from my google drive here – Click to Download.

I would love some criticism, so if you would like please leave me a comment! Thanks and enjoy the demo!


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