Welcome to the Beginning!

Alright its time to get this blog underway! With my beginnings in game development happening during these summer months, I felt that it would be awesome to set up a place to follow my progress step by step, and project by project.

At the moment I will be working in Unity, and RPG Maker VX ace, and I have 2 projects underway.

With Unity I am taking on a seemingly daunting task, the recreation of Triple Triad from Final Fantasy 8. The beloved card game that hooked me to the game itself years ago. I felt that it was only natural that I start my development process at the same place my love for gaming started. Here’s to a rough start!

As for the other project, currently under the name of Project Ironcircle, has had a playable demo in the past, but will be undergoing a lot of changes in the coming months. The story will be scrapped for a new one, as my ideas for the game have changed from what I had began with years ago. My thoughts have already begun to replace many of the characters, including swapping another character for the main character. Lance Lavender will be the new playable character! More on him to come soon.

I will be bouncing between projects periodically as I get ideas for them or get stuck in a spot. If anyone has any ideas, comments, complaints, or criticism feel free to contact me via my contact page and I’ll be sure to read them as soon as possible!

Thanks everyone!


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